Thank You For Your Support

//Thank You For Your Support

Thank You For Your Support

A huge thank you to all our backers, your support means that Shemaron is on the way to getting back in the water! Our last update focused on the practical side of our renovation/conservation program. There is however so much more to this lovely old boat than wood and coping irons!


The Ring Net Heritage Trust exists partly to protect the vessels of the ring net fishing era and to restore them so that they can continue to be a physical source of learning and community engagement in the towns where they once worked. The second and perhaps even more important aim of the trust is to provide a platform for community celebration and commemoration of ring net fishing so that the memories of the industry are protected and preserved for future generations to enjoy and learn from.


The adventures of Shemaron during her fishing career have been the subject of accounts recorded in books and often remembered orally. As a fleet, the Scottish ring net boats have inspired both songs and poems. Beautiful names like New Dawn, Rolling Wave, and Fair Morn could almost tell a story in their own right. As could Storm Drift, Brighter Hope, Maid of the Mist and Golden West. The beautifully sensuous names of these boats, their partnership with the sea, the poetry they inspired and continue to inspire, must be a reflection of many beautiful moments captured from their decks.


Once she is back in the water Shemaron will re-visit her old herring haunts engaging with people and their communities. She will share her stories, collect more and have new stories to tell of her recent endeavours. The sharing of memories adds a strong human element to the Shemaron project.


We need your support; please pledge.

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