Built in 1950 for Ernest Wood of Pittenweem at J. L. Miller and Sons in St. Monans and originally named Wilsheernie KY140. She had an 88hp Kelvin engine and was around fifty-three feet long. Wilsheernie was sold to John Warnock of Portavogie, Northern Ireland, in 1959 for the sum of £4,000 and re-named Investor. From there she was sold to Waterford. We think she was sold to a man named O’Keffie who changed her name to William Edward. She came back to Scotland in 1967 when she was sold to Thomas West in Fraserburgh. She was registered Wellspring FR 406 after Mr. West re-named her in keeping with the usual habit of naming his boats Wellspring. In 1968 she was sold to Dave Paterson from Carradale who was living in Campbeltown at that time. She was still in Campbeltown in 1983 belonging to William Morrison, that same year she was sold to England.

There is some good footage of Wellspring dotted through a series of films called The last song for Maryport.

The last song for Maryport


Wellspring has spent the last fifteen years or so hauled up on the banks of the River Dee at Kirkcudbright.