A Bright and Active Future

//A Bright and Active Future

A Bright and Active Future

We hope Shemaron looks forward to a bright and active future. This will not happen without public support and involvement. There are 14 days to go with our crowdfunding campaign; if we can show that we have financial and practical support our funding applications will be stronger. We need money – the campaign has created an interest, please support your interest and Facebook ‘likes’ with a donation. No amount is too small, small steps have taken us a long way!


As a cherished boat Shemaron remains a strong and seaworthy vessel. Having said goodbye to her days at the herring she could now look forward to a time of social ease, enjoying the interaction with older and younger people alike.


On a recent visit to Maidens, she reacquainted herself with descendants of families who knew boats like this intimately. These reunions emphasised the emotional bonds families held with their boats and brought with them a colourful array of memories. It was also encouraging to see so many children enjoying the ‘Shemaron’ experience, climbing into the bunks and peering with genuine interest through the fish hold to the engine room. The contrast between the relative comfort of the fo’c’sle and the harsher work like environment of the fish hold combined with the distinctive smells of an old boat, was a powerful stimulant to young imaginations.


We know we are not alone in believing Shemaron is worth saving.

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