Behind the Scenes of a Wooden Boat Trust

//Behind the Scenes of a Wooden Boat Trust

Behind the Scenes of a Wooden Boat Trust

While the weather might be keeping us indoors at the moment emails are flying back and forth between trustees. There is a lot of work involved with wooden boats and a lot work is going on behind the scenes!

We are beginning 2017 with an invitation to all to sign up to receive our RNHT newsletter. It is free to sign up, and you will receive a quarterly online newsletter with details of what we have been up to and our plans for the coming seasons. Please email if you would like to be added to our mailing list or contact us through our Facebook Page or Twitterfeed. We will be posting more about this in a short while.

More Behind the Scenes of a Wooden Boat Trust

There is a lot of form filling going on as we put together bids for funding applications to help develop our boatingcommunity engagement through 2017.  We have also been putting in a few hours updating our website with fresh boating  info. Thank you to everyone who has sent in information and photographs it is so nice to hear from you. It is great to be able to keep our pages up to date with this sort of sharing.

Wee Dooker is sitting quietly in Tarbert Yacht Club where work will begin during February and March and the wood has arrived in Newcastle to replace the stern bench on Shemaron.

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