Behind the Scenes of a Wooden Boat Trust

While the weather might be keeping us indoors at [...]

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A Brilliant Boating Start to 2017

January 2nd and Shemaron is already out on the [...]

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Wishing everyone a happy Christmas!

2016 is drawing to an end already, what a busy [...]

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Tarbert Traditional Boat Festival and Book Signing 2016

It was lovely to be part of the Tarbert [...]

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Thankyou !

Shemaron arriving in Irvine April 2016 Courtesy Christopher [...]

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Oil and Water

The dry spell in September and October has caused Shemaron’s [...]

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#Small Steps

The talented A&R Way Boatbuilding Ltd.worked hard on Shemaron’s hull, [...]

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We Are Moving Ahead

Things are moving ahead. A private donation has enabled refurbishment [...]

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Thank You For Your Support

A huge thank you to all our backers, your support [...]

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A Bright and Active Future

We hope Shemaron looks forward to a bright and active [...]

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