Testing the Gear Box Pipe

A short film of us taking Shemaron out on May [...]

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Shemaron Log 2016 Irvine

Irvine Shemaron log 2016 After several months in the [...]

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Shemaron – Arriving in Maidens

Shemaron arrived in Maidenhead Bay after crossing from Campbeltown. Approaching [...]

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On The Way To Maidens

The vibrant memories I held of our last trip after the [...]

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We Stood In The Coral Light

At approximately 18:00 hours on 13th August 2015 an adult [...]

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Towards The Rainbow

The drizzle had not relented, but the winds had subsided, [...]

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Sanda Isle November 2013

So we have arrived and a long and lovely week [...]

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