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Ribhinn Donn II coming in to Campbeltown

A well-known boat in west coast fishing communities Ribhinn Donn II


Ribhinn Donn – Ribhinn from old Irish rhigan, meaning maiden – donn an old Irish word meaning brown or shades of brown – brown-haired maiden. She was among the very last ring netters ever built, it is great to see her still working. The Ribhinn Donn II looks well coming into Campbeltown harbour to discharge May 2014.

Ribhinn Donnn II ring net fishing boat Scottish west coast and Ireland

Picture Postcard of Ribhinn Donn II

She was built by Nobles of Girvan in 1973. She is 63 feet in length with a typical canoe stern. She now has a 230 hp Caterpillar 3406 engine which has replaced the original Gardner 8L3B. When new she was registered with the number SY141.

Her first home was Scalpay Isle when she was owned by J&A Mcleod. She is noted as having had substantial repair work completed by Nobles – “as a result of various misfortunes while fishing in the Minch”

(Built by Nobles Of Girvan: Sam Henderson & Peter Drummond)


Ribhinn Donn II replaced Ribhinn Donn also from Scalpay Isle.


Ribhinn Donn II Ring net fishing boatRibhinn Donn II Ring net fishing boat .







Unusually Ribhinn Donn II was built with the engine forward. This meant that the cabin and bunks were towards the stern. Living conditions would be more comfortable in bad seas because the stern is more stable in the water.


Ribhinn Donn II Davaar island in the background bringing in the catch Campbeltown

Ribhinn Donn SY371

Ribhinn Donn II dual purpose ring net fishing boat


In 1989 the beautifully maintained and obviously much cherished Ribhinn Donn II moved from Scalpay to Portovogie in Ireland. She was re-registered with the number B140. At the present time (Jan 2015) she is still fishing from this port although no longer for herring; these days she trawls for prawns.


Ribhinn Donn was built in1966 and was 55 ft long, with a 150hp Gardner 6L3B engine.

She could hold about 150 crans of herring. In 1973 she was re-named Ribhinnbhan but kept her no.SY371. Her no. was re-registered twice while she was at the fishing to PL89 in 1986 and B23 in 1989. After 2004 she was based in Tarbert. In 2006 she was sold to Mike Williams in Southern Ireland. More details about these two boats and the ring net can be found by clicking on this link to an informative interview with Alasdair McLeod.

Model of Ribhinn Donn SY371 J. Cresswell

These photographs show the various stages of J.Cresswell’s excellent model Ribhinn Donn SY371 being built. The beautiful lines are apparent from the early stages.

Courtesy J Cresswell

Ribhinn Bann Tarbert

Courtesy Brian Ward

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