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Plans for Shemaron Wistaria

We feel Shemaron Wistaria is an important vessel. Over previous years she has been restored to a modest extent. This includes very visual things such as the masts. The resulting public interest has led the trust to take her renovation to a much higher level. Over the next year, we intend to carry out the following tasks:

the first phase which is necessary before Shemaron can be re-launched is a thorough clean and paint, some caulking, replacement of keel bolts and other fastenings, replacement plank, replacement outer part of the stem, re-installation of galvanised rubbing strips and some internal hull work. The internal work to the hull includes a couple of frames (not necessarily replaced but strengthened) and the reinstallation of two internal tie bars.

The next phase is the replacement of the top two planks and gunnel tops, also the replacement of the existing wheelhouse with and an exact replica of the original wooden structure.

The third phase will be the installation of a Kelvin KR4. The original engine was a KR6 but the KR4 would have been an option at the time of launch.


Ring Net Boat

Shemaron in any circumstance is a pleasant and charismatic ring net boat. The trust feels that the sights and sounds of an authentically restored and preserved 1949 ring net boat will be an important asset to the knowledge and understanding of fishing heritage.

It is important to know that Shemaron is no longer a privately owned vessel, we would like people to share and become involved with her operation. To this end, we will be looking for both skippers and crew to help take Shemaron to various boat festivals and harbour days next year. We also need people to help with the maintenance and repairs.

If you are interested in becoming involved at any level or have any suggestions please contact the trust –  Tel 07900 900 866