More About the Riotous Proceedings

Following on in our series of articles and letters published [...]

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Prohibition of the Ring Net

Prohibition of the Ring Net In 1851 the Fisheries Board [...]

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Riot At Tarbert Loch Fyne

During this lovely hot summer, it can be hard to [...]

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Testing the Gear Box Pipe

A short film of us taking Shemaron out on May [...]

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Wee Dooker Shares The Limelight With Gerard Butler!

Wee Dooker On Set Once Again Following completion of a [...]

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Wistaria BA 64 & Weatherhead Boatyard.

Shemaron was built at the Weatherhead Boatyard in 1949. At [...]

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LOCH FYNE SKIFF REFIT PROJECT 2017   Since the commencement of [...]

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Behind the Scenes of a Wooden Boat Trust

While the weather might be keeping us indoors at [...]

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A Brilliant Boating Start to 2017

January 2nd and Shemaron is already out on the [...]

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