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National Historic Ships Grant

In January 2016 the Trust was awarded a grant from National Historic Ships to be used towards the next phase of the restoration.

Fishing Boat Conservation Shemaron

On 29th February A & R Way Ltd returned to Clyde Marina to begin work on the second phase of Shemaron’s restoration and preparation for re-launch. Seams were filled on the underwater hull and nails replaced as required, more re-caulking was completed below the waterline, and damaged planking was replaced on the starboard shoulder.  New ends were scarfed onto the fendering strakes to join up to the stem. The stem head was repaired and the anchor rollers reinstated.

Also at this time trustees reinstated all coping irons, applied anti foul and fresh paint to the main body.




August 2015

In late August 2015, Shemaron was taken to Clyde Marina Boatyard for restorative works. She was lifted out of the water and transported to a space on the hard.


On 19th October initial restoration work began. The old stem was removed and replaced with a new oak stem by Adam Way Boat Builders

At the same time, the garboard strake was re-caulked and filled.

Beautifully crafted new oak stem in place

There is still much to do before Shemaron can be re- launched, including, repairing and replacing much of the oak belting around the side of the hull. We plan to initiate the second round of restorative work early in 2016 with A & R Way Ltd.

In the meantime, work continues with the preparation of funding applications, and further marketing plans for our book Shemaron: A Beautiful Endeavour now available from our online shop.