Restoration Work Begins

//Restoration Work Begins

Restoration Work Begins

We have talked about the plans the trust has for Shemaron’s future, and where we hope her path will lie, it seems fitting towards the end of our initial crowdfunding campaign to bring you an update on the restoration process.

This week work started in earnest; the garboard strake (the big plank above the keel) was re-caulked. The stem was removed, this was a particularly stressful stage of the operation, at the stem of a boat power is translated to forward motion as she pushes through the water. Without her stem, Shemaron looked in a poor state as if she had lost the use of her senses. The removal of the stem also revealed a little more cause for concern. Water had been leaking into the boat in this area, and there was some rot. Problems of this sort are common in wooden boats, especially older ones, this was an area that had never been checked before but “better the devil you know” as they say. It was determined that the level of rot although needing attention was not sufficient to affect the fundamental strength of the boat. The new stem will help stop the leaks and stabilise the condition of the apron. The apron is the name given to the broad area of wood just behind the stem. There is still much to do before Shemaron can be launched, including repairing and replacing much of the oak belting around the side of the hull.

By the end of the week, Shemaron was looking much more comfortable with her finely crafted oak stem in place. A symbolic moment! Oak is well known for its strength and longevity Shemaron now stands ready to face whatever her future brings.

You will be able to read more about Shemaron’s journey in the book, Shemaron: A beautiful Endeavour due to be published early in 2016.

Moving Ahead

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