We Are Moving Ahead

//We Are Moving Ahead

We Are Moving Ahead

Things are moving ahead. A private donation has enabled refurbishment of the coping irons. Coping irons are galvanised steel strips that run around the outer mid section of the hull, they offer protection against bumps and bashes that inevitably occur during the daily life of a boat. Five years ago the original irons were taken off and replaced with strips of larch. Under inspection we found that water had become trapped behind the layers of wood and caused some deterioration, this was only in small areas. We decided to re-introduce steel coping irons which have been sourced from Alexander Noble and Sons Ltd boat builders in Girvan. This has ensured a positive start for the Shemaron Wistaria Ringnetter project.


A trip to Clyde Marina at the weekend also gave us the opportunity to re-aquaint ourselves with Adam Way. Adam is a traditional boat builder who is familiar with Shemaron having previously built her re-placement fish hold combing and the lovely golden masts that  have made Shemaron easily recognisable and are so distinctive of the traditional Scottish ring net fleets. We will be drawing on Adam’s years of experience in the boat restoration business as we tackle other issues highlighted by the recent survey and look forward to working with him again.


Warm winds and long sunny days do little to help a wooden boat especially when it is out of the water, they cause the wooden planking to dry out and shrink. Gaps can appear between the planks – an obvious cause for concern. It is important to the longevity of the boat that she is back in the water as soon as possible. We would ask for further support from our backers by continuing to spread word of our crowdfunding and urge all prospective backers to make a pledge, we have some exciting rewards to hand!

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